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LashSoClean False Eyelash Sanitizer KIT with Lash Tool

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Much like our make-up and tools, over time false lashes collect bacteria, viruses and residue that can cause irritation and lead to infections to the eyes and diminish the longevity of reusable false eyelashes. By using both the sanitizing mist and lash tool you can remove old glue and makeup residue, in a few simple steps. This unique formula also conditions your false eyelashes, leaving them feeling soft and looking fresh. The LashSoClean False Eyelash Cleaning Kit comes with everything you need to clean and reuse your false eyelashes.

Directions for use: Place false eyelashes on a clean surface such as a paper towel, an eyelash pan, or a cleaning palette. Aim the LashSoClean Mist bottle 4 inches (10 centimeters) away from the false eyelashes. Spray 1-3 times, until the entire false eyelash and band has been saturated. While holding the false eyelash, use the lash tool to gently stroke along the false eyelash band. Repeat until the adhesive softens.


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